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First Class is Free

Regardless of a person’s past athletic experience or current level of fitness, everyone who first walks into CrossFit Macomb will be challenged and provided with the opportunity to learn about basic techniques, explained common terminology, walked through a pre-workout warm up drill and practice functional CrossFit movements. You will also participate in the Strength/Skill portion and the Met-Con, getting the most out of every session. At CrossFit Macomb, we follow an overall FUNdamentalist approach to all our classes. This approach allows all athletes to work at their fitness level, be challenged according to their own intensity level, and have loads of fun at the gym (Box) with some awesome people.

How does CrossFit Work 

Constantly Varied, Fundamental Movements performed at a High Intensity.
If you’ve decided that CrossFit Macomb is the right choice for you (of course it is!) you can contact us via phone, text, or email to register for a FREE class. Just tell us what day and class time you are coming so we can get you on the SCHEDULE. You can also sign up and schedule your first FREE CLASS by picking from one of the options this week.
Free Class Registration
Your first class is free. We want you to try things out, but we are confident that you'll love it. 
Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes suitable for training. A water bottle is also a good idea! When you arrive you can expect a general warm up and mobility, skill and strength instruction, then the workout of the day (WOD), and finally some light stretching and discussion.

Your Proving Ground Awaits

If you’ve read enough and want to join, sign up for a monthly membership.

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For more information about CrossFit Macomb explore the website. Specifically, check out the FAQs page.
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If you have not been exercising recently, please make sure your doctor says you are ready to do so.

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